NY - Suffolk County Police Exam

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Suffolk County Police Exam

Suffolk County Police Exam Class - Ace the Exam!

Next Test will be in 2019.  

***Text keyword suffolkpolice to 555888 to be notified when applications are available for the 2019 exam.***

Study Class will be in Suffolk County - Friday, May 31st - 8am-4pm.

Register Today! - We will only accept 500 Candidates for our Study Class

Classes will sell out.

Register today for Jobs4police.com's 2019 Study Class for the Suffolk County Police Exam.  Our class is comprehensive and covers all the sections of the exam including the Personality Section.  Learn how to ace the exam!  Our Students score at the top of the list!  We have been preparing candidates for the Suffolk County Police Exam for over 25 years with the highest scores.

Each student will receive comprehensive instruction, a study binder for review in class, countless full length exams, instructor support.

Take Home Study Guide will also be provided to candidates which candidates will be able to access questions and exams to make sure they are ready for the exam.

The last test all of our candidates scored above 95%.  Register today for our Study Class.  

Upon registering you will receive a postcard confirmation in the mail providing your location and directions.  Locations are filled on a first come-first served basis with those registering first getting preference over those registering later.  

We anticipate selling out quickly.  Seating is limited.

Tuition - $495.00

A small price to pay for an opportunity to be at the top of the list by scoring high on the exam.

Questions? Call us at 877-391-0861
Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday 10am-7pm EST

Suffolk County Police Exam Success Book - $99.99

Begin Studying Now for the 2019 Suffolk County Police Exam.  Everything you need to know in order to begin studying for the upcoming exam.

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Police Exam Success Book includes a study guide along with two full length quizzes. The Police Exam Success Book is researched, printed, prepared and shipped by Jobs4police.com.  Helping Police Candidates score high since 1999.

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Suffolk County Police Exam Quiz - $25.00

Jobs4police.com has the best Quiz for the Suffolk County Police Exam. The Quiz contains questions for each question type.

Published by Jobs4police.com it is delivered in the mail.  

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The Quiz is the best opportunity for you to see if you are ready for the exam.  

 *Jobs4police.com is not affiliated with the Suffolk County Police but rather we do test prep for candidates who wish to prepare for the exam.