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Online Course in Becoming a Police Officer in the United States of America

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Online Course: Becoming a Police Officer in the United States of America

  • Online Course instructed in Google Classroom Environment
  • Self Paced - Candidate completes coursework, takes exams & quizzes
  • Candidate must apply to the program to be accepted
  • Course includes relevant information for international candidates wishing to become police officers in the United States of America.  This is informative course on the police employment processes in the USA and how to become a Police Officer.  
  • Educational Online Course - Upon completion candidates should have a complete understanding of the process to become a Police Officer and how to pursue this goal.
  • Online Course is instructed in English.  Assignments need to be completed in English.  
  • Instructed by Jobs4police.com Instructor Division
  • Upon Registering with Application Fee - Candidates will be sent a complete application which must be completed and emailed to our Staff for Review.
  • Only 250 Candidates will be accepted per month.
  • Application Fee is $95 US
  • Online Course Tuition is $425 US