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Jobs4police Media Kit has been around since 1999.  We receive a lot of traffic from those who are in law enforcement and those who are looking to get into law enforcement.  


Reach over 527,500 Law Enforcement Officers - Active and Retired
Reach over 423,100 Law Enforcement Officers who will be eligible to retire within the next several years.
Reach over 167,700 Retired Officers

Reach over 786,000 Police Candidates who are searching for a career in law enforcement.
Reach over 365 Police Unions who distribute the contents of our website to its members
Reach over 135,240 Security Professionals who protect business interests around the world

Advertisers can reach our audience with their advertisement. will design your advertisement if needed at no extra cost.  Our professional design team will work with you to craft your message and advertisement. We have many different packages and options which all can be ordered directly from the website.  Any questions can be directed to our toll free phone number - 877-391-0861.  You may advertise on one of our websites or text/email your message directly to our subscribers through one of our communication services.  Remember - our police candidates and police officers who are studying with us online are online constantly learning what they need to know for their upcoming police exam.

Our Packages are listed below:

Police Job Posting by Police Agency - $125 per month

 Police or Sheriff's Department Recruitment Page - $325.00 per year
(Update your page as much as you like - Attract over 786,000 candidates)

Product Article - $975.00 per article

Have a product that you want to get in front of our audience?  We can publish an article that can highlight you product or service.

Career Spotlight Section - $1,145.00 per month

Text Blast - $1,700.00 per three text messages

Reach over 247,430 text subscribers who want to read your message.

Professional Development Section or Educational Opportunities Section - $1,835.00 per month

This section typically is taken by our advertising partners who have universities and other college level training opportunities.  Typical advertisers within this category are online degree and educational providers along with traditional colleges and universities.

Email Blast - $2,625.00 per two emails

Reach over 523,000 subscribers with coordinated emails that craft messages and advertising opportunities to our subscribers.

Different Website Advertising Opportunities - 

Text Link Ad - $2,245.00 for 6 months
Banner Ad  - $3,650.00 for 6 months
Sponsorship Section Ad - $5,000.00 per year

You can add the advertising package you want to your cart and pay for the ad.  Once processed our advertising will be in contact with you within a couple of hours to finalize your ad or posting.  If you have any questions please call us at 877-391-0861.