Police Psychological Exam

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Psychological Exam 

If you are like most police candidates you have no idea what you will be exposed to when you take the Psychological Exam during the Police Hiring Process. Find out how you will do!

1.    Complete Psychological Exam - See what questions you will be asked
2.    Complete Alternative Psych Exams - See what other types of exams you could see on test day
3.    Complete Analysis of your Answers - Our Psychological Exam Instructors analyze your responses.
4.    Includes Drawing based exams in case your department includes this section
5.    Upon completing the study material and assessment you will receive a complete Analysis from our Instructors.
6.    Everything you need to find out what to expect on test day.

We have been helping Police Candidates prepare for exams for over 20 years.  Please email us if you have a specific Psychological Exam Deadline coming up so that we can expedite the process. 

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 Police Exam Success - Police Psychological Exam Book

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The Top Score Package includes a study guide along with three full length quizzes.

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