Police Officer Candidate Registry

Police Officer Candidate Registry

Register Now as a Police Candidate

Register as a Police Officer Candidate and let Recruiters from around the country find you.  Join the Largest Database of Police Officer Candidates in the United States.

2018 Registration is open for those candidates who wish to be registered with the largest database of police officer candidates in United States of America.  Recruiters from around the country search this database for candidates interested in applying to their police agencies.  Candidates must register annually to this database in order to keep their registration active.  

Upon Registration:

  1. You will receive a candidate info form via email that must be completed and returned to us.
  2. Current Email Address must be provided along with current cell phone and address
  3. Candidates will select which states they are open to being recruited from
  4. Police Agencies have the right to contact candidates about their job opportunities
  5. Candidates should write down and/or store their candidate number which will be emailed to them upon registration.

This service is Free for Police Candidates