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New Jersey IACP Police Sergeant's Exam One-on-One Study Class

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New Jersey IACP Police Sergeant's Exam One-on-One Study Class


  • Be Ready for your NJ Chiefs Association Sergeant's Exam - Begin Now
  • Enroll Now into our NJ Chiefs Association Police Sergeant's Exam One-on-One Study Course
  • Study Sessions range from 2-3 hours and there is no set amount of study sessions.  Your instructor will guide you through the material during the sessions and provide you with assignments to complete in between meetings.  Study Sessions are held Monday thru Friday and are scheduled with your instructor based upon your schedule.  We get your ready for the exam.
  • We prepare you to Score High.  We Guide You.  You Succeed. 
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  • Essential Sergeant's Exam Questions You Need to Know
  • Section by Section Breakdown 
  • Flash Cards
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  • Exams
  • Online Study Included
  • Helping Police Sergeant Candidates since 1999
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  • Take the one and only One on One Study Course in New Jersey for Police Sergeant.
  • Confirmation is emailed to you along with your pre-course study assignments. Your instructor will contact you via phone to schedule the first session.
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