Nassau County Police Exam Blitz Books

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Nassau County Police Exam 

  • Nassau County Police Written Exam Book - $35
  • Nassau County Fitness Agility  Book - $35
  • Nassau County Police Oral Interview  Book - $35
  • Nassau County Police Psychological Exam  Book - $35
  • Ace the Written Exam, Ace the Fitness Agility & Ace the Oral Interview
  • Be Prepared for the Psychological Exam - Know What to Expect
  • Delivered to Your Door via USPS or UPS
  • Order All 3 Books or Order the ones you need
  • The Number One Police Officer Job Preparation Tool for Nassau County, New York
  • Helping Police Candidates Since 1999 Ace Their Exams, Come Out on Top for Their Fitness Tests, and Ace Their Oral Interviews.
  • Let, the industry leader & #1 Police School in the USA, help you succeed.  Order Today.