2019 NJ Law Enforcement Exam - Statewide Civil Service Test - Entry Level

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2019 New Jersey Civil Service Exam - LE Exam

2019 New Jersey Civil Service Exam Study Class 

Available Study Classes 
Saturday, September 14, 2019 - Hanover, NJ - 8am-4pm 
Sunday, September 15, 2019 - Bridgewater, NJ- 8am-4pm

Saturday, September 21, 2019 - Princeton - 8am-4pm
Sunday, September 22, 2019 - Jersey City - 8am-4pm

Only 2000 Candidates will be accepted. Reserve your Spot Now!  We will sell out EARLY.

***Be Notified when Applications are available for the NJ Law Enforcement Exam- text njpolice to 555888

Applications will be available in July 2019.  

For the following Titles - 

Municipal Police Officer,

County Police Officer, Parole Officer Recruit, Park Police

Officer, Campus Police Officer Recruit, Police Officer

Recruit Human Services, Police Officer Palisades Interstate

Park, Sheriff's Officer, State Park Police Officer Trainee,

County Correction Officer & Juvenile Justice


The next NJ Civil Service Exam will be held in Fall of 2019.  Begin Studying Now.

Register for our class to score High!

Register today for Jobs4police.com's 2019 Class for the NJ Civil Service Exam.  Our class is comprehensive and covers all the sections of the exam including the Personality Section.  Each student will receive comprehensive instruction, a study binder to use in class, countless full length exams, instructor support and access to our study area where candidates will be able to access over 4000 questions to make sure they are ready for the exam.  

Study Class Process

We track the results of our students.

Register today for our Class.  

Now Accepting Students for our Study Class

 What's Included:

  • Class for the NJ Civil Service Law Enforcement Exam
  • Detailed Study Binder for use in class
  • Take Home Material - Practice Questions, Exams, Study Guides
  • Final Exams - Given to you after the class to score high on the actual exam.
  • Preparation Exams - Available before and after class
  • Class Assessment of your readiness - All Day Instruction on each section of the exam.
  • Review of Sections / Exams to make sure you are ready.
  • Gain the advantage on the competition.
  • Upon Registration you will receive a receipt via email. On March 15th you will receive a confirmation email that contains your location to report, directions to the class, seat number along with your PRE CLASS ASSIGNMENTS that you will complete in the coming months and bring to class.  This information will be sent in an email on MARCH 15TH.


We sold out our 2016 Study Classes early.  Seating is limited. No refunds or exchanges. You are responsible for showing up to class.

Exam Results from 2016
Lowest Score by Candidates taking our Study Class - 97.1
# of Perfect Scores : 435



    *Jobs4police.com is not affiliated with the state of NJ but rather we do test prep for candidates who wish to prepare for the exam.