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The Road to the Police Academy - Getting Fit

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The Road to the Police Academy - Getting Fit

Perhaps you work out each and every day.  How are you working out each day?  Are you spending too much time working out vanity muscles and not doing enough to get ready for the rigors of the police academy. Maybe you haven't started working out at all yet.  Possibly you want to wait until you get the call that you are on your way to the Police Academy.  

So how do you begin?  Our Fitness Instructors have put together a great plan for those looking to get back on track and begin training.  First remember to get an entire medical evaluation and physical before beginning this program or any program.  Especially if you haven't worked out in a while.

So here's how you begin.  

You'll work out five days per week.  Remember this is phase one.  This phase will be good for 8 weeks of training.

Here's your daily workout.  These are all bodyweight movements.  

Squats - 25 Reps
Pushups - Max Reps
Jumping Jacks - 25 Reps
Planks - Hold for 1 minute
Pull ups - Max Reps
Hanging Leg Raises - 10 Reps
Dips - Max Reps
Crunches - 25 Reps
Chin ups - Max Reps
Calf Raises - 25 Reps
Triangle Pushups - Max Reps
Leg Lifts - Hold for 1 minute
Mountain Climbers - 25 Reps Each Leg
Squat Thrusts - 25 Reps

Run - 1.5 Miles - Time Each Run - Walk if Needed

Record your results in each event.  You should see yourself improving during the 8 weeks.  Remember - you work out 5 days for week for 8 weeks for a total of 40 workouts.  

Stay Tuned for Phase 2 - The Next 8 Weeks.

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